Why some companies — and particularly their executives — deliver outstanding results and others do not? This question has been with me for the last several years. Through my work with several leaders in the industrial sector, some answers emerged; but like Hydra, for every answer I got, two more questions popped up.

If you haven’t given this question much thought, I suggest you start your journey with my motivations (“Finding Hidden Gems”) and personal philosophy behind this quest.

The Author (Yury Kapko, CFA)

In my heart, I am a principal investor, thinker and applied researcher. Professionally, I help the CEO of a transportation company and his team make better investment decisions.

I am an avid learner, reader and mountain biker in the summer / snowboarder in the winter. I utterly enjoy the conversations with equally curious people, but in the silence of the mountains is where I think best.

Always fascinated by the markets and later on by human behavior, I studied finance at Schulich School of Business. I hope you enjoy this site and my podcast.


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