Ep. 2 – Patrick Nangle: Popularizing car-sharing through innovation

My guest today is Patrick Nangle, CEO of Modo Coop, based in Vancouver. Modo is the second oldest car-sharing co-op in North America and the largest in Canada. Under Patrick’s leadership and focus on innovation, Modo has been growing at the fastest pace in the last 20 years.

In our conversation, we discuss Patrick’s learnings from his international experience, why car-sharing works for some people and not the others, innovations in this area, key metrics and Modo’s highly aligned governance model. For some of the most exciting developments and to get a better understanding of how urban transportation may be different in the future, tune in and enjoy.

Episode Notes

1:12 – Discussion about Patrick’s career, his learnings from international experience and how these experiences help him at Modo

9:15 – Why Modo exists and what value it delivers for its members

10:52 – Role of government in growth of car-sharing and how the parties can work together

12:24 – Car-sharing as it relates to rush-hour utilization and initiatives that Modo is working on to make car-sharing more attractive to those who need car to commute

15:29 – Vision of how the ecosystem of public, private, ride- and car-sharing means could come together

18:51 – Competitors to Modo and unexpected view of those

20:14 – Why Modo is experiencing growth

22:15 – Decision process when it comes to vehicles and other investments

28:59 – On working with real estate developers to design custom car-sharing solutions as a way to reduce construction footprint

32:36 – Measuring performance at Modo and how metrics beyond financials play role in Modo’s mandate

36:07 – Discussing beliefs about team and measuring team performance at Modo

38:31 – Key character traits that Patrick looks for in people when making hiring decisions

41:00 – Governance at Modo, relationships with the Board and best practices in Board setting

45:10 – Advice on working effectively with the Boards

46:12 – Things that helped Patrick achieve success professionally

49:27 – Closing questions

Companies mentioned:

Moore Corp., Purolator Inc.