Main Thumbnail-2If you’re visiting this site, it is probably because you stumbled upon my podcast. Turning Gears started out of desire for greater understanding of management practices, decision-making process and philosophy behind great businesses.

In my podcast, I take a practical approach and have conversations with leaders (typically CEOs, owners, founders and other C-level professionals) in the transportation and industrial sectors, as well as authorities from the ancillary areas of business that are closely involved in these sectors (i.e. Partners at Private Equity and Management Consulting firms).

While the idea was born out of personal curiosity and desire to meet interesting people, I hope that from these conversations you will also be able to learn a thing or two that you can apply both personally and professionally.

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Ep. 1 – Jim Peeples: It’s all about people
Ep. 2 – Patrick Nangle: Popularizing car-sharing through innovation
Ep. 3 – Frits Bisschop: The power of soft skills in building hard assets